Monday, October 09, 2006


Oh my I have written a post in my head 100 times today and now I'm here with 4 mins to post and nothing coming out.

This is a terrible picture but the battery died in my camera before I could get a close up so this is what you get on the yoga mat bag.

First off if one more person says to me that "it" will happen when the time is right I'm going to go balistic. Yes I realize that "it" will happen when the time is right. Don't you think I've already thought that? Don't you think the time is right NOW? I certainly do. Now go away until you have something intelligent or sympathetic to say.

Second off, Curtis must be coming down with something because he is Mr. whiney grouchy pants today. I did finally get the seat put on the back of my bike and I took him out for a ride on it. It was much more difficult than I assumed to get it on and I had difficulties balancing once on the bike myself. Probably since we are a combined 125 lbs on the bike, 25 of those being right above the back wheel. He was so quiet back there is his hand-me-down pink girl's bike helmet. I asked him a couple of times if he was ok and he just said, "mmmmmmmm". Since he pretty much cried and clinged to me like a baby monkey all morning, I considered this to be a positive response and biked around the block a few times.

The yoga mat bag is done and was in use this AM at yoga class. I still need to add the draw string but since it works w/o it I'm afraid it may never get put in since I'm just that way. I need a new sewing project badly. I hope to get some time to skim blogs and steal ideas tomorrow.

Going shopping tomorow I hope. As long as Terminix let's me leave the dog in the back yard I should be ok. Then I'm tackling my first Martha Stewat recipe. I can't wait. I am so obsessed with Martha right now. I need a subscription so badly. MIL said she had some things like frequent flyer miles for magazines or something and she's gonna see if she can get me a subscription. I'll post if I bake the cupcakes tomorrow.


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