Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2 cm

At my MW appointment today I found out I'm 2 cm dialated already. We both know this doesn't mean much since you can stay this way for weeks but it does give me hope that I won't go over like I did with Curtis. At this point in that pregnancy I was still shut tight.

We need to get my car vacuumed and my infant seat installed this weekend. Also I'd like to get the sports stuff off the baby's room walls and find some more fish themed stuff to put up. Otherwise I feel pretty prepared. I have a box of newborn diapers, a bassinet next to my bed already, and two boobs ready to give milk. Maybe we'll think about packing the hospital bag this weekend too.

I still think I have a few weeks but better safe than sorry right? It's such an exciting and magical time!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


We have visitors this weekend. Curt's best friend from college is down from NC visiting with his 4 year old daughter. Yesterday the four of them went to Seaworld and Curtis and Lauren had their faces painted. I stayed home since I'm big and uncomfortable and had a nice relaxing day watching my favorite cooking shows. Apparently Seaworld was doing a Halloween every weekend this month and the kids got to have their faces painted and got to go trick-or-treating at several stations throughout the park. Curtis had his face painted like a monster and had lots of fun growling at me when he got home.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Traffic and such

Well, I've been a little mia here lately. No real reason just having trouble getting comfy at my computer desk. I can't wait until we get a laptop. That is supposed to be our Christmas gift to each other if all goes as planned. This computer is probably 7-8 years old and have very little storage and runs so SLOW.

I thought we had our first day of fall today since it was so cool this morning but it has definitely warmed up now. I think it's mid 80's now even though it was in the 60's this morning. Maybe it'll cool off faster this evening. We're having pot pies tonight for dinner which is kind of a fall dinner. It's Curt's favorite brand and they were 50% off. Lately I keep my eyes peeled for easy to make and clean up after dinners for obvious reasons. By dinner time I am a bunch of braxton hicks contractions and washing dishes is near impossible.

Curt and I are actually daydreaming about moving to a sleepy little town in the mts of NC. He's hating his job lately and I got stuck in two weird traffic situations today which got me thinking about how frustrating Central Florida traffic is. I think we'd be so much happier if he had a different job and we didn't live in such a trafficy (is that a word) area. His friend Ryan from NC is coming down next weekend and he has been discussing an opportunity with Curt for a job with him up there. I guess we'll see what he has to say...and of course we couldn't really move until the baby was a little older...but the daydreaming is nice.

They had all of sand lake road closed with cops and school buses everywhere when I went by today. That's the road the high school is on and I went by around the time school gets out and was diverted around a different way by a cop. I'm really hoping it's not anything bad. My neighbor, who has a son in the middle school, told me they have gangs there and some other stuff and these are also things that make me want to get out of this area. Orlando seems to be going down hill fast with gang and random crime.

Ok, well, enough negative stuff. I had the morning off since Curtis was in preschool and I cleaned all of our floors so now while he naps I can rest up.