Sunday, October 29, 2006

banana bread and stromboli

Well, I never could get that carvel picture to upload, but this one is even better really. I have a friend in my local Mom's group that is a professional photographer. She took this pic of Curtis for us for fall so I thought I'd share.

Yesterday we gave him a mohawk for his halloween costume and it was a disaster. He screamed and cried the whole time I cut it and I don't think it really looks that good on him. Curt likes it but I just think he doesn't have the head shape or hair type to pull it off really. I have no idea how I'll fix it after halloween since I'd really rather not shave him completely bald. Oh well, we certainly went noticed at the Fall Festival yesterday.

I never got my Martha recipe done so I guess I'm a week behind. I have brown bananas so I'm going right now to make a banana bread and tomorrow I'm making stromboli for a halloween party. It's an afternoon party for a Mom's group on Monday and most people are bringing sweets (cupcakes, cookies, etc) so I decided to mix it up and balance it out with a stromboli. It seems like good toddler/mommy food to me. I'm planning to make two so I can bring one and save one for us for dinner that night. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm also feeling much more positive this weekend. I'm trying to stay optimistic and focusing on the things I have rather than the things I don't. Seriously, my marriage is so great right now (he is the kindest most faithful rock of a husband) and Curt and I are probably at the healthiest point physically that we've ever been (mostly due to diet, supplements, and excerisize). Also Curtis is still super cute and fun (even with his bad haircut) so I really do have a lot to be thankful for. The weather here is perfect this time of year and it'd just be a shame to be inside feeling sorry for myself when I could be out playing.



Anonymous said...

What an adorable boy!

Awesome attitude also!

jennfier said...

ohmy gosh he is soo cute!! great pic!

have a great week!