Saturday, October 21, 2006


Here is a recent painting I did of Mary and the baby Jesus. My wonderful husband found an inexpensive frame and put it in for me. I really wanted to do a painting of baby Jesus but I don't do realism well so this is my interpretation.

Today I went back to Joann's as I had more coupons and bought Curt some drawing supplies. He's so good and really likes drawing and sketching at night after Curtis goes down. It helps him unwind after work etc. I like him having the supplies, but they can be expensive so the coupons are a must.

Anyway, after shopping I stopped next door at my gym just to lie on the hydro therapy bed for a little 20 min massage. I got to thinking and came up with an idea. I decided the new focus of my life is to get stronger and reduce stress for myself and my family. Like at the gym I am doing only strength training and yoga because any cardio I do seems to shave off pounds that I need to keep. Also I love the hydro therapy bed there and it is very comforting and relaxing. Also all the crafts and creative things I do help me to feel stronger and more relaxed. I want to try to focus on strength and stress reduction in any free time I have from now on.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! What an amazing painting! You bake,paint,etc. What else do you do? LOL! That really is amazing! Especially, coming from a guy who doesn't have an artistic bone in his body.

As far your new life focus, that sounds like a wonderful plan. Good luck!