Saturday, October 14, 2006


Check out what we've been doing. I put this seat on the back of my bike on Monday and have been taking a ride with Curtis every afternoon since. We both really enjoy it and the weather has been just perfect for a late afternoon bike ride.



Anonymous said...

Great picture, however I have to admit I am jealous of you for being able to bike ride in shorts right now. It feels like winter here in Michigan. Brrrrrrrrrr!


Heater said...

It has just started to cool off here. I could go for an afternoon bike ride, but I'd still be sweaty when I was done. (Not that being sweaty is bad, inherently, more a comment on the weather.)

Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

I try to convince everyone to move to FL. Sure June, July, and August are rough, but the rest of the year totally makes up for it.

Anonymous said...

We just got back from Florida. We spent the majority of the time at Disney but also a few days in Deerfield Beach. This was our first time there in October. I loved it! We left sunny and 87 to come home to rainy and mid 40's.

Adam(from myspace)