Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 is a year to knit!

So a while back I promised to tell you all about my new adventures in knitting. It all started on MDC (mothering.com) where I chatted lightly with another woman about my learning to knit. It turned out that she lives just 3 miles from me. It was a nice surprise to meet someone on a worldwide board from right here. On top of that she was a knitter and offered to give me a lesson. I've been wanting to learn to knit for a while. I am a pretty good crocheter but I was ready to graduate from the hook to the needles.

We met at Borders and ended up talking for four hours w/o picking up the needles once. Our husband's were worried we'd been kidnapped because we totally lost track of time. A few days later she came to my house and started me out on a drop stitch scarf project. I'd tried to learn before with books and videos but always ended up frustrated. Having her here to help me was great and in no time I was knitting away. Since then I have finished that scarf, another simple garter stich scarf, and these juggling balls.

While at that same Borders (one of my fav places) I saw a Juggling For Dummies book with two juggling bean bags on sale for $3.99. I almost bought it as a Christmas present for DH but then decided to see if I could make some myself. After several failed attempts on the sewing machine I randomly decided to google a knit juggling ball pattern and found a very easy one. It was a mad rush to get these done the week before Christmas but I finished them in the nick of time on the afternoon before Christmas. I filled them black eyed peas for new year luck.

Curt has juggled with them a few times and Curtis loves watching him juggle. I would probably make a few changes if I made them again. The pattern called to cast on 10 stiches and knit for 6 inches. I think they are a little big and might shorten those a few next time (if there is a next time). Also the black eyed peas might be a touch heavy but if the bags were smaller this might not be a problem. All in all, I'm calling it a successful 3rd ever knit project.

Today I bought some yarn on sale at Joann's and I've started on a new project. I am free form knitting a sort of runner to go on my cedar chest between the chest and the new TV that is now on it. I'm knitting strips in different colors and patterns and lengths and I'm going to sew these together to make a abstract looking runner. I have a vision in my mind's eye and we'll just have to see how that turns out.


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