Saturday, December 30, 2006


I have been reading a bunch on feng shui and I have made my resolution to declutter my life. Most of what I read gets complicated but it all begins with getting rid of clutter. So that is where I have begun. I have already done a ton and my closet looks so clean and organized. Today I brought a ton of stuff to good will and I've been freecycling a bunch of the better stuff too. It feels great.

We ordered a new TV and it comes delivered tomorrow. We rearranged our front room (living room) and we are making the back room a play room now. I can't wait to have the whole thing done but it will take a while as we need curtains and little details like that to take care of still. We really never use that front room and it will be nice to go in there after Curtis is in bed and be in a room that isn't full of toys.

We also got a new all-in-one printer today so that is why you get to see this great pic today.

More adventures later. It is already 11:00pm and I'm usually in bed asleep by now.


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