Sunday, December 10, 2006


I woke up this morning with a sore throat and runny nose. I feel yucky. We skipped church and Curt took Curtis to the park so I could rest. I can't stop blowing my nose which is such a drag and I've already had 3 cups of hot tea with honey this AM.

Yesterday we had Curtis' b'day party. It went well. I was slightly disappointed that several people who RSVP'd didn't show up. I have a ton of goodie bag stuff for those kids and I'm going to donate some (hot wheels) too toys for tots and save a few for Curtis stocking. The kids who did show up had fun playing and everyone decorated a cupcake and there was even enough to take one home.

I am now feeling sad that several of my "friends" whom I met when Curtis was a baby did not take the time to either RSVP or come out to his party. This group of women mostly live on the other side of town and I have gone out of my way and messed up Curtis' nap schedule on several occasions in order to go to one of their b'day parties and yet it seems they don't think Curtis and I are worth driving out for. I got a call this morning from one such mommy friend who claimed to not ever get the invite and just got my email about rsvping today. I hate to be cynical but I want to call her a liar. On top of it all she acted like she didn't know when the party was after telling me she had just had a phone conversation with one of the moms who did come. I imagine that they talked about the party and the whole things seems so superficial and sad to me. I can't help but feel a little hurt. I guess I have learned my lesson and I won't go out of my way for everyone anymore. I've always made special accomadations for the kid's b'days because they are special but I guess I need to look out for #1 more now-a-days.

The party wouldn't have been complete without a conflict between my MIL and myself either. As I'm trying to chat with a guest she is shooting a ton of video on a camcorder and I see her over there waving for me to move. I took one step over while trying to maintain my conversation as she waves more. So I looked at her and said "I don't really want to be directed, I'm trying to enjoy the party." She looked all pissed and told me not to look at the camera. Curt stood up for me slightly and agreed but didn't really say anything to his mom (as usual). And of course she acted all hurt for a while and I walked around feeling like a b*tch when the truth is it was her prob. She always get so overdramatic and desperate during b'days and holidays and it drives me nuts. Why do we need 3 hours of video of Curtis' b'day? I'm never going to look at that much.

Oh well.


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