Friday, December 08, 2006

carriage jam

I'm very frustrated with my printer right now. It keeps saying carriage jam and I swear I've opened every little door and fiddle with things and plugged and unplugged it over and over. I am trying to print out a cute little picture I made to paste onto brown bags that will be filled with goodies for the guests of Curtis' party this weekend.

Yes, my little boy turned 2 yesterday. The picture above was taken the morning of his b'day in our front yard and I thought he looked super cute sitting there with our dog Sebastian. We went to a place called Crazy Monkey in the mall which is basically like a Japanese version of Chuck E Cheese. It was fun and Curtis played with his Paw Paw a lot. Then last night we had spaghetti, his favorite dinner, and then went to carvel for ice cream. We're having cupcakes at his party so I didn't want to make a cake too.

So at his 2 year PED appointment today most of my worries about his eating and weight were pacified. He went from the 3rd percentile in weight at his 18 month visit to the 10th percentile at this visit, so the truth is he's doing fine. She said it is very common for kids his age to eat nothing one day and lots the next. Since I know he is fine now I won't worry so much when he has a day of fod strikes, as they call it. He does have one issue in that his soft spot in his head has not closed yet. It is supposed to be closed by 2 years but the PED thinks since he is actually the size of a 20 month old that it will probably close in the next few months. If it doesn't we will need to get x-rays and look into it but she seemed pretty optimistic that it would most likely close on it's own.
So my little boy is healthy. He got several gifts yesterday and his favorite was a puzzle that was fish with magnets on them and it came with a fishing rod that used a magnet to pick up the fish puzzle peices. He makes the sign for fish and says blub blub blub while playing with it and he is super cute.

I am now trying to prepare for the 14 kids and 18 adults whom have RSVP'd for his party tomorrow. I had no idea so many people would want to/be able to come and I am trying to hand make goodie bags from brown lunch bags. I had planned to use my printer, but of course it has farted out on me just when I needed it. I do have puffy paint and foam and stuff so I am off to figure something out with those items. Wish me luck tomorrow


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