Thursday, January 04, 2007

27 in 2007

27. Get pregnant.
26. Knit most of the Christmas gifts this year.
25. Spend less time on the computer.
24. Be less picky with DH.
25. Be more romantic.
24. Keep a cleaner house.
23. Declutter completely (own only what I use or love).
22. Learn Spanish.
21. Commit to Yoga practice.
20. Tell my friends that I care about them.
19. Don't allow people to invalidate my feelings and beliefs.
18. Stop obsessing over pain from the December Darlings.
17. Give people a break when the mess up.
16. Go to church even when I don't feel like it.
15. Do the devotional study every week.
14. Read the Bible.
13. Feng Shui the house and yard.
12. Write more poetry.
11. Revise my novel.
10. Read more poetry.
9. Build a vegetable garden.
8. Take one small trip somewhere just for fun.
7. Be less pessimistic and negative.
6. Be more optimistic.
5. Be less fatalistic.
4. Believe in miracles.
3. Want what God wants.
2. Be more forgiving.
1. Spend more time laughing with Curt and Curtis.

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Heater said...

Looks like a great list :) Good luck!

If your "somewhere for fun" brings you to the desert southwest, we have guest space available.