Sunday, January 28, 2007

today's lists

I am grateful for a loving and caring and supportive DH.
I am grateful that I get to stay home with my DS and experience all of his excitment in learning each day.
I am grateful that I have friends at the gym who enjoy working out as much as I do and can caht with me effortlessly while we're there.
I am grateful for the new pineapple sage plant I bought today.
I am grateful for the rose quartz a little girl gave me today at church.
I am grateful for my own strength and ability to stay faithful and positive.
I am gratefrul for my love of learning.

order from the Universe
I am enjoying a wonderfully fulfilling and healthy pregnancy.
I am eating a healthy and balanced diet with my family.
I am spending lots of time having fun and laughing with my family.
I am finding lots of time to study feng shui.
I am meeting new people and making new friends easily.
I am communicating with those around me effortlessly and without issue.
I am living life to the fullest everyday.
I have found happiness.


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