Tuesday, November 07, 2006

stromboli semi-failure #2

So twice I've made stromboli in as many weeks and both times it didn't turn out perfect due to human error. The first time I forgot to let the dough rise enough so instead of having the filling in a roll it was more like stuffed bread with the filling all in the center. Not a big deal, right? So yesterday I made it again because I have therapy Monday nights and I figured it was an easy enough make ahead dinner for Curt and Curtis. So I followed the instructions perfectly and put it in the oven for 30 mins. I came in here to write on my novel and next thing I know it's more like 45 mins that has passed. I rushed to the oven and pulled it out expecting the worst but the truth is it wasn't that bad. It's a little dry from being over done and darker on the outside then it should be but once again...not really a big deal. I am definitely going to try again in a little while and next time no mistakes.

My nanowrimo novel has been coming along wonderfully until today. I'm 2 days ahead of schedule and 25% finished the novel but, I'm worried about my plot. I feel like I'm 50% through with the plot so I'm beginning to worry and second guess myself. What if I start writing the ending and I'm only at 30,000 words or something. Part of me feels like I need to rethink my plot and maybe take it in a slightly different direction and part of me thinks I should leave well enough alone and keep going at my great pace with my natural feeling plot and storyline. Since I'm almost two days ahead of schedule I do have the luxury of thinking this through for the afternoon.


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