Thursday, November 02, 2006


So I've been neglecting my blog, but I have a good reason. This year I am participating in the challenge. The goal is to write 50,000 words by the end of Novemember. It comes out to about 1,600 words a day and I'm already a head of schedule at over 4,000 in two days. I've always been told to write what you know but everytime I try that I stall out after just a few pages. So this time I have made up a character that is very unlike myself and the storyline is very fantastic and well, unrealistic for me at least. The amazing thing is, it's going great. I'm just flowing with it and while my back hurts from this stupid computer desk and chair and I'm super tired, I do feel proud and accomplished.

This combined with the fact that Curt is out of town until tomorrow makes my life a little stretched thin. I was worried about missing him too much so I over scheduled us with activities for these few days and now I'm just exhausted. Even so, I still have a date to meet a friend and her son at the zoo tomorrow morning. I would love to back out and just sit on the porch enjoying the cold front with a cup of tea and my son playing with a matchbox car at my feet, but she has already told me twice how much she's looking forward to it and I'd feel badly if I backed out. I've promised myself after I get my 1600 words done tomorrow during Curtis' nap I will do nothing else but relax and play with him here at home all afternoon. Curt will be back tomorrow night so I must get the writing done before he gets back.

So if I'm not around here as much this month, you now know why.


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heater said...

being busy with life is so much better than keeping an up-to-date blog! enjoy :) good luck with your writing!