Saturday, November 25, 2006

Go Magic!!!

Here is a picture of the Chapel de La Leche in St Augustine. We had a great trip two weeks ago and I recomend anyone to go if they have a chance. It is very serene and they have some beautiful sculptures in the garden there. You can buy church related stuff in the gift shop and I bought a couple of prayer cards that I find helpful.

We were offered free Magic tickets tonight but couldn't get a babysitter and the game isn't even on regular TV (we don't have cable). I'm bummed. I love going to NBA games and would have loved to watch them face the Hawks tonight. I have a not-so-secret crush on Dwight Howard, the Magic's center. He's only 20 but he is very nice looking and super talented. He's got some biceps on him to die for. Anyway I've always loved watching NBA basketball since I was a kid. I have these old scrapbooks I used to make as a pre-teen with all the newspaper clippings from the Philadelphia Inquirer of the Sixers articles taped into them. I was a big Charles Barkley fan and still love the Sixers, but since we're here in O'town now and get to go to some games, the Magic are my new #2 team.

Oh and well, you can also add Dwayne Wade to my list of NBA player crushes. That guy is super fine too. I daydream about bumping into him at a restaurant or something sometimes. He seems so cool in a super handsome way.

Anyway, there is my random rant about basketball. I have very little to say now-a-days and I'm just feeling a little bummed that we didn't get to take advantage of the free tickets tonight. My super sweet husband told me to just go with a friend but I have already had two night's out this week and felt badly leaving him here alone again. We're going to try to get tickets to a game next month and have MIL babysit. Our new plan is to do a date night once a month and she is always happy to babysit so we figured we'd do a Magic game for next month.

blah blah blah I know my blog has been boring lately. If you have a suggestion for something you want me to write about, just let me know.


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