Sunday, April 30, 2006


Not feeling great today for many reasons.

Sometimes the internet can be a great thing for an isolated SAHM, and then sometimes it can be the worst thing. Sometimes I get too involved in a discussion that turns into a debate that then commands too much of my attention with ignorance and negativity. I blame myself for letting myself get involved in that sort of thing and it has put a little bit of a damper on my weekend.

I have a headache that I'm hoping means my period is coming since I'm a little overdue.

The weather is cloudy and cool which is a nice change but kind of adds to my blah feeling.

I haven't cooked in days and feel like I'm spending too much $ on take out etc. That being said I had some awsome sushi from a place in Lake Mary last night. We used to frequent this place called Lee's Palace all the time when we lived there. Yesterday we went to LM to get Curtis' first haircut at a special salon for kids (hence the above pic). IT actually didn't go as badly as that pic makes it look. Afterwards we spur of the moment decided to pick up the sushi and it was great.

I'm gonna go shower now.


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