Sunday, April 09, 2006

Visiting Sebring

Yesterday we drove the two hour drive down to Sebring to visit my Aunt Vera, Uncle Carl, Great Uncle Roscoe and Mom-Mom (grandmother). This was the first time Curtis got to meet his great grandmother and great-great Uncle Roscoe. We had a good visit even thought it was really hot and they don't have their AC on yet. My Aunt made some great food for us and Curtis actually ate a lot.

My Uncle Roscoe gave me a box of chocolates and a bag of his wife jewlery. My Aunt Clarinda (Kendy) died several years ago. Recently Uncle Roscoe moved into a religious retirement community and tried to sell off a lot of his belongings. Well this jewlery was the stuff that didn't sell. There is a lot of turquoise and some of it seems like it came from trips abroad. I found out yesterday that my Uncle Roscoe used to work for Howard Hughes in Las Vegas. The family rumor is that he has lots of money but I never realized that he was a supervisor under Howard Hughes. He and his wife never had kids and we really like each other so he has kind of taken us under his wing. He is very religous and it makes him happy that we have found a church here that we love.

On that note, I start my sunday school teaching tonight and I'm nervous and excited. I hope it goes well and is fun. I know once I get there and get started it will be okay.


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