Monday, April 03, 2006

Hello Monday

Yesterday's church service was great. My church is really awsome I've never been a member of a church like this and I've only been going here regularly for about 2 years. I signed up this weekend to help with Sunday School. It surprises me because I know little about theology or elementary education, but they have everything already planned for you so I'll just be helping out and following the lead of the leader. The paperwork says it could involve computer sign ups, attendence, puppeteering, singing, etc. I'm a little excited about it as it sounds like fun.

At church they talked about how we should all stop focusing on our own emotional pain. Dr. Hunter talked about how this is a great way to help yourself become closer with God and thus a happier person. I'm hoping that my volunteer work at the church will help me to spend less time focusing on any emotional pain I have. It really makes sense to me.

Today we slept in really late, I'm sure due to daylight savings. Then we went to the library storytime and then Merrill Park. The park is great because it is all in the shade and it has gotten hot here. We ate sandwiches and goldfish crackers I had packed as a picinic. Now Curtis is napping and I am getting ready for my MIL to come babysit while I got to my chiro appointment.


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