Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Good Day

Well, so far I am having a good day so I thought I'd blog about it.
First off, maybe you heard that UF won the NCAA title last night. I'm not into college basketball as much as NBA, but Curt and I have been following the championships this year and of course we've been pulling for Florida. Curt stayed up til almost midnight last night watching the game. I woke up once or twice to his cheers but otherwise he was able to stay pretty quiet. He asked me to buy the paper today so we can add it to our collection since this is the first time Florida has ever won. We have a collection of newspapers from days when big events take place, so this will be a nice addition.
Second, I talked to a woman at church this morning and it looks like I am going to be an assistant teacher in a sunday school class on Sunday night from now on. They have been asking for volunteers for a while now and I was really moved by the sermon last week so I signed up. The sermon hit on one topic that was basically saying that if you spend less time focusing in on your own emotional pain you will have more time to be closer to God. You can actually listen to the sermon at http://www.northlandcc.net/ if you want. Since I seem to have too much time to "focus on my emotional pain" I thought helping out at church was the perfect answer. I love the church and the childcare/sunday school system they have is outstanding. Sunday school starts at age 3, and I will either be in the 4 or 5 year old class. Basically they give you a curriculum and there are two teachers per class. One is the leader and the other is the assistant. The outline I have says it involves taking attendence, reading stories, singing songs, doing puppet shows, etc. It sounds like fun to me and I can't wait for Curtis to be old enough for it. Right now he just goes in a room with toys and plays. I totally understand that they can't really try to teach a kid that young. So, I can't believe it since I've never known much about theology or elementary education, but I think it's gonna be pretty cool really.
The third cool thing is just that I went to good will today to drop off some old clothes and found a bunch of good books. I got two for me and three for Curtis for less than $4. One of the books I got for myself is a memoir written by a famous English professor who actually taught one of my professors at UNCG.
I've been reading a blog for a few months now by a Vegan woman who just gave birth. Here she is http://www.knockedupvegan.com/. Well, just looking at the pictures of her little one has me thinking about number two. I actually had already been thinking about it but the pictures just make we think more. We have a little plan to start trying in October but I started to wonder if that is waiting too long. I definitely don't want another December baby, but a spring baby sounds nice. If we wait until October we will be having a late summer/early fall baby. That sounds fine but mean being big and preg in the hottest month in Florida, not to mention hurricane season. Oh, I don't know. One day I think I'm ready now and the next I wonder if I really want another at all. It's scary and I know it will be hard but I just can't imagine not experiencing pregnancy and labor and birth and breast feeding and infant again. Just because I feel this way I'm adding a pic of Curtis right after he was born. Ahhhhhhhhhh, sigh.


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