Thursday, April 13, 2006

Birthday Bag

Yesterday we went to a birthday party at Downey Park in Orlando for a little girl named Sofia who turns two this week. We played like crazy and had pizza and Sesame Street cupcakes. It was great. Curtis and his buddy Adam (see previous post) had the most fun playing in the sand on the volleyball court. The two of them were so cute crawling through the sand and trying to throw it at each other. Curtis still can't throw things quite right. He seemed to let go of the sand while his hand was right overtop of his head thus showering himself with the sand instead of pelting the friend he was aiming at. We left for home very tired, dirty, and full of sugar.

This is a picture of the bag I made from these directions for the birthday girl. I was a little unhappy with it and made a second one that I was actually even more unhappy with. I'm still working on my technique. Thanks do go out to my DH for doing the lettering. My hand is not steady enough for it to look nice enough for my perfectionist mind.


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Anonymous said...

I really like the writing on the bag. Whoever wrote that name has some incredible penmanship! I bow down...