Monday, May 08, 2006


I've been MIA for no good reason. Well, I did try to post once and DH was downloading a huge file so I got tired of waiting for the window to open and gave up. So, we'll just make this easy and blame it on him!

We had a talk recently about our relationship because I was feeling like it was falling off track. I guess maybe sometimes we just need to talk about what is bothering us so we can get it out and over with. Things are better now, not perfect, but better.

Curtis was terrible at library story time this morning and I don't think I should take him to the library at all anymore. He threw fit after fit and ran right into a glass wall and fell down screaming at one point. I had to abandon my purse and books and take him outside to calm him down. He's in rare form today and I'm over it. He hits me when I don't let him have his way, and while it doesn't hurt, I do worry about his tendency towards violence. Maybe it's just a toddler thing, but you know how it is with FTM's, we always worry that our kid is turning into a psycopath.

Well, I'm off to find some non computer activity.


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