Thursday, March 01, 2007

4 Things to know about: Me

4 Things to know about: Me
from Heat

*_4 jobs I've had:
2-Branch Coordinator at staffing agency
3-Traffic Safety Specialist for AAA
4-Front Desk Supervisor at the Old Faithful Inn

*_4 places I've lived:
1-Altamonte Springs, FL
2-Yellowstone, WY
3-Greensboro, NC
4-Haddon Twp, NJ

*_4 favorite foods:
2-veggie quesadillas
3-good dark chocolate
4-mint chocolate chip ice cream

*_4 favorite TV shows:
1-The Office
2-Gilmore Girls
3-America's Next Top Model

*_4 places I'd rather be right now:
2-the Acupuncturist's
3-the chiropractor's
4-the beach

What can I say, my neck and back hurt today and I'm over tired from a long week of site seeing with my friend and her son. I'll be back with pics at a later date.


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