Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things are good here in the bathroom

Thanks for all the emails and phone calls of support. I do have some wonderful friends and family in my life and I should shift my focus to them instead of anyone else.

I've got a touch of stomach stuff due to early pregnancy. I'm pretty tired and sick most of the time and crave lemonade and Publix turkey subs all the time. I can hardly eat a vegetable which is kind of frustrating since I was trying to include 7 raw servings of fruits and veggies a day during this preg. I guess I'll just have to pick that back up in a month or so when my belly settles some.

Curtis is officially signed up for preschool starting in August at my church. At first I was so excited but now I'm wondering how it's possible that he is old enough for preschool already. Time flies you know!?!? I know it will be great for both of us and I look forward to him coming home each day and telling me all about it.

Otherwise we're just chilling out here. I told my Yoga/Pilates instructor in confidence that I was preg and she said I could keep taking the class but to go easy on ab work. So I just sit looking like a slacker when they do the pilates for abs so as not to stress my little baby growing in there. I'm hoping that I will have a wonderful happy and healthy pregnancy and childbirth since I have been doing this class for so long now and I'm also eating better than I did while preg with Curtis as well. My AP told me that since I was so healthy and balanced when I got preg that I will probably feel great most of the time. Mentally I feel pretty darn happy and blessed. As soon as this stomach settles I think I'll be pretty wonderful physically too.


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