Tuesday, March 21, 2006

testing first message

Things have been crappy. Curtis woke Sat night at 10:45pm puking. He threw up several times that night. Yesterday he wouldn't eat or drink and just sat lifeless in my lap half awake. His fever rose and rose until it hit 102. I called my PED twice and she was so nice and not weird at all about me calling on a Sunday. I learned about pedialyte and feverall suppositories. After he held some pedialyte down I also got some motrin in him. Then he took a tepid bath and his fever was down to 100.9 when he went to bed last night. This morning his fever was 99.7 so that is good. He still is hardly eating. I've nursed him a bunch just because he likes it and it's the only thing he'll take in really. He sips at the pedialyte. We had to wake him and force droppers full of pedialyte every 10 minutes yesterday. It sucked.

Today he fought me and cried and whined and finally fell asleep on my lap. I needed to start laundry because every sheet and towel is dirty from his puking. So I wiggled out from under him and he is now asleep on my recliner. Poor guy needs rest and food and yet he fights a nap and will hardly eat today. My PED said it sounds like a stomach virus so I'm not really worried now but I was about to go to the ER last night when his fever was 102. I really hope it's a 48 hour thing and that he is almost back to normal by this time tomorrow. I know you guys can understand how heart breaking it is when your child is crying in sickness and pain and there is nothing you can do. I cried and felt so helpless. TG Curt was here and he was so helpful and strong about it.


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