Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bad Week

Well, the Pediatric Urgent Care visit was awful last night. They pricked him 4 times and he was so dehydrated that he vein would collapse as soon as the needle went in. Eventually they got an IV in and we settled down some only for them to come back for the blood they couldn't get. Luckily this time it came on the first try.

The IV did help and he is now able to eat some and drinking unflavored pedialyte. I guess the flavored kind was just not to his liking. We went for a follow up with our PED this morning and he had diarrhea twice. The second time his diaper practically exploded all over me. It was sooo nasty and smelled and was dripping off me. The PED was so nice and gave me a jacket to wear home so I could put my shirt in a plastic bag instead and driving home in shit.

The diagnosis is Rotavirus. The diarrhea is actualy a good thing meaning the virus is finally able to work out of his little body. He is highly contagious and so we are stuck with each other for a few days at least. I'm already bored. At least he's napping in his crib today!

Off to do more puky laundry.


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