Friday, March 31, 2006

million errands

I wanted to post a pic of one of the paintings I worked on yesterday, so here it is. I did another one I really like but then thought it needed some red. So I added a red detail and it totally ruined it for me. I may try to recreate it because I really liked it before the red I added. This one kind of highlights my love (obsession) of the number three.

Today we ran a million errands. There was a grand opening for a new store called Fred's this morning. We went and got some gifts for being one of the first 100 customers. Then I got a new garden hose and sprayer end, some sandals, diapers, and candy all for less than $25. Then I finally dropped off my YMCA application, got gas, and went to the bank. I got what I thought were new ATM cards in the mail the other day and after I cut up my old ones I realized they were credit cards. So I had to go to the bank to get a temp ATM card until my replacment comes. I usually get gas and diapers at Costco but they only take AmEx or ATM so I had to pay too much at other places until my card comes in the mail.

This afternoon I'm supposed to meet my friend Teri at the mall play area. I don't really feel like leaving the house again but we already said we'd meet. I'll see how long Curtis naps and decided what to do about it then. Tonight we are going to the Magic game. Our friends gave us their season tickets and they are really good seats. MIL is babysitting and I'm really looking forward to the game. Curt and I haven't been out alone together in a long time.

Curt and I had a long talk last night about all my thinking lately and I felt good afterwards. He's smart and gives good advice most of the time. He still thinks I need to be on meds for my manic mood swings but I just don't want that (yet). I wish I could recreate our conversation here because it was deep and good and I'd love to have a copy of it.

Oh well, off to list stuff on ebay. I'm trying to get around to stuff I've been putting off today.


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