Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Today has been good and bad. This morning I went to my new playgroup. We had a new member's luncheon at the park and it was fun. I met a girl who lives a few blocks away and her daughter is 2 months younger than Curtis. I can't believe I forgot her daughter's name already but I remember she is Debbie at least!

Then I got home and went straight for my obsession....this computer. I updated my message board and found a post that someone wrote to me that was rather mean spirited (it's a long story really). It really upset me, but I think what upsets me more is how addicted and involved I am with the board. I am really overboard with it. It is a true obsession. I think I need a break from it for a while. I need to be spending time in real life with people that I have stuff in common with instead of spending computer time with people I have very little in common with. I come away from the board at least once a week feeling just plain bad, so why I do I keep going back? I've made a list of things to do while Curtis naps that don't involve the computer: learn guitar, learn spanish, sew more, crochet more, garden more, and paint more. These are all things that make me feel good about myself and proud.

Well, it's been a really rough past week and a half and this today just really has pushed me over. Combine it with PMS and I am feeling like my life needs a mini-overhaul. I'm going to go write and list about it because that is how I can plan something. I am going to need to be strict with myself about this stupid machine!


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