Thursday, March 30, 2006

spark more positive

So I wanted to come back today to put something down a little more positive. I haven't taken pictures, but I worked on three separate paintings today while Curtis napped. This morning around 11am we left to meet my MIL, step-FIL, and DH's Aunt Barbara for lunch in Mt. Dora. We went to the consignment shop afterwards but didn't find anything. Then we came home and it was during Curtis' afternoon nap that I went to the garage and began painting backgrounds. Slowly I felt the pictures arise from the backgrounds and I began the process of paint, let dry, paint, let dry. I'll try to snap a pic and post it soon.

I am determined to drop my application off at the YMCA tomorrow. I've been putting it off too long. Curt came home from his first soccer game in months last night just beaming. He apparently scored a "hat trick" and was happy with his performance overall. This inspired me to get more active.

My theory lately is that my life lacks spark. I realize there are all kinds of spark to lack. Excersize spark, love spark, creativity spark, musical spark, true friendship (IRL) spark..... I'm working on getting all of these sparks back into my life as soon as possible. The painting has started a glimmer of the creativity spark. Lately I wake from dreams where I've written songs and I later tape these ideas for songs onto my little tape recorder. This has musical spark potential. I hope to partcipate in classes (yoga etc) at the Y to get the excersize spark. And, well the love and friendship work is something I'll delve into later.

So let's end today's blog day with the positive promise of spark!


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