Sunday, January 24, 2010


I haven't blogged about my feelings on the earthquake that took place in Haiti because I've been pretty torn up about it. One of the reasons I avoid the news is due to my sensitive nature. When I heard about the earthquake I immediately put up some very serious prayers and then went on with my blessed life. Then one day at the gym I was on the treadmill and all the TV stations had on a commercial except CNN. That was when I saw a whole piece about babies in orphanages sitting in dirty diapers crying with no one to come help them. My heart broke right there on that treadmill.

I came home and began to research how I could help. I looked very seriously into adoption. After a couple of days of research and prayer and phone calls I was feeling very defeated. It doesn't look like I will be able to adopt one of these poor orphans without some serious work and help. When I realized the obsticles involved I began to wonder if possibly God was sending me a message that I should be looking for other ways to help.

Once I let my OCD like mind-grip on those poor babies loosen up a little, some more solutions made their way into my life. First off a friend of mine who knows a nurse working with the red cross at the airport asked for donations. Many of the refugees from this disaster are being flown into the airport right here near my house. Once they arrive at this airport these poor people are then traveling to family who live further north. Unfortunately the refugees have very little beyond the t-shirt on their backs and since it is winter this will not help them much up north. They were also asking for donations of sippy cups and bottles for the babies and children coming here to our sunny state. So I am proud to say that I put together 2 big boxes of clothes and jackets and sippies and shoes.

These donations did make me feel a little better, but I still keep thinking of the poor people still left in the ravished country. I was happy to hear that my church Moms group, which meets tomorrow, is also collecting donations for the people still in Haiti. I went to Costco this week and with a coupon bought a case of diapers and a case of wipes to bring to the meeting as donations. I also scoured my house for all the soap and shampoo and lotion samples I could find to donate. I also found raisins and nuts in my pantry and put together a nice little trunk full to bring for donations tomorrow.

Along with these donations the church suggested that we get our children involved and teach them about loving one another through this service. Curtis drew a nice picture for an orphan and we attached a few sheets of Spiderman stickers which he thought that a child might enjoy. I am so proud of my son for putting effort into this picture and sticker donation and I used this as an opportunity to teach him how God wants us to show love for one another, especially in times like these. We talked about how as a family we care for each other when one of us is sick and how it is also important to do this for all of God's people. I still don't know how much of this he really understands, but my hope is that I am laying the groundwork for him to have a future of kindness and caring.

And now that I have spent more than a week crying and stressing and researching, I have come to the conclusion that these donations and my heartfelt prayers are all I can offer the people of Haiti right now. I will continue to pray and give at every opportunity I get and I hope you will all do the same.

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Karen L. said...

You "done good" with what you were able to do. I am so proud of you!!! You are by no means financially rich but you sure are so very rich in other more important ways. Your giving spirit is an inspiration to all.