Monday, February 08, 2010

Superbowl weekend

So if you are my friend on Facebook you already know that I picked the winning team but not the score this year for the Superbowl. I didn't really have a favorite either way, I just had a feeling about the Saints this year. Go figure.

The day before the Superbowl I was lucky enough to get a whole day to spend with two girlfriends. One of my friends who just moved to Florida from the cold cold north (Michigan) was really deserving (desperate for?) a girl's day out, so another more local friend and I drove over to the west coast and rescued her from her house full of kids (3 times as many as me) and hit the road. We really had no plan and after an ill fated, cold and windy 20 minutes on the beach, decided we needed a plan B. Yes even Mrs. Michigan, Mrs. New York, and yours truly Mrs. New Jersey were feeling cold on the beach in Florida in February. Hey, 50 degrees is 50 degrees is 50 degrees no matter where you are....but I digress.

Luckily Mrs. New York spotted a sign for Tarpon Springs alerting us that it was only 13 miles away from where we were driving pretty aimlessly and a plan B was hatched. I am so happy we decided on this plan. The whole afternoon with good friends and good Greek food and pastries, and goat's milk soap and olive oil soap and sponge shopping, etc etc etc etc, who could ask for more. After a nice (longish) drive back with great conversation, I got into my car to see the engine light on....well maybe I should clarify, I saw the engine light but thought it was the transmission light until the mechanic corrected me this morning after I paid him over $1000 to fix said engine problem. So you can imagine how my late night drive in the dark with engine light glaring and engine sputtering did bring me a bit of anxiety, but alas, I arrived safe and sound and ready to break out the goat's milk soap for a nice long hot shower.

If you are a mother you probably can guess what came know...the G word....that's right Guilt! Here I was on the morning of the Superbowl flipping pancakes for my kids and feeling so guilty for leaving them and my sweet husband for the whole day. Each one of the Fisher boys gave me a happy play by play of how great their "guy's day out" was, and yet I still had some trouble shaking the guilt. So I did as many mother's have for many years before me and...I got cupcakes! (and chicken wings for the hubby). We spent Superbowl Sunday munching salsa and fresh guacamole on corn chips and playing Zingo and card games galore. Once the game came on I made hoagies which we ate on trays in front of the TV. All three of the guys were happy to eat in the family room and I made them even happier when I produced the big beautiful Publix made Superbowl cupcakes! Yippee! Guilt be gone!

Here you can see Curtis doing his best football pose with his own superbowl ring which had just minutes before decorated his delicious cupcake.

Clark really likes cupcakes a lot.

And Curtis doesn't mind them much either.

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vinobaby said...

You deserve a day out absolutely and completely guilt-free! Although, the resulting family time and junk food fest on Sunday sounds like just what everyone needed.

And now you have me concerned about my "service engine soon light" that has been glaring at me the last few days...