Monday, January 04, 2010

Guess who is in his big boy bed?

That's right, my baby is now a big boy! I almost can't believe it. Mostly I can't believe how cute he is in this bed.

The boys now have the bunk beds in the room together but they are separated into two single beds. Eventually we will make them bunk beds again, but we have to wait until Curtis is at least 6 before it's safe for him to sleep on the top.

Clark took a little bit longer to go down for nap and bed the first night but since then he's been fine. They both sleep so well together and go down so easily it makes me so grateful that I have two sons.

I took this photo this morning at 8am. The flash didn't even wake him. It looks like he might take after his Mommy and enjoy sleeping in.

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Karen L. said...

Yes, it does look like he might take after him Mommy ..... not just enjoying sleeping in but looking like an angel while sleeping, at least back when SHE was that age. Hmmm, maybe not so much now? hehehe Cute photos. Your "baby" looks so tiny in the bed but that will all change over the years. That statement might just cause a tear to come to your eyes. Sorry but they do all grow up eventually. Hey, you could always get a puppy when they get older!!! (Sorry Curt!)