Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 Manifesto

This year I would like to focus on several things. My focus for the year will be divided among improving my feelings of self-worth, my pursuit of further education, various home improvement tasks, and an effort to remain present in life. Through my focus on these various life aspects I will strive to make 2010 a year filled with health, happiness, harmony, prosperity, and fulfillment.

This year I would like to explore and release my own feelings of negative self worth. These feelings extend from the physical to those of my role as wife and mother. I would like to be able to feel good about my physical appearance and be able to remind myself that I am one of God's creations and a beautiful person. I would also like to be able to feel proud of myself in my roles as wife and mother. This will require not only my focus on the special moments in life and my ability to avoid distraction but also learning the ability to truly forgive myself.

I also plan to spend some time in 2010 focusing on education. My number one goal of the year is to begin work on my long desired goal of learning to speak and write Spanish. In addition to this I am open to other paths of learning and further education which should become available to me. Now that my children are older and less needy and reliant on my care, I look forward to spending more time on my life long love of learning.

I have also made a list of decidedly achievable home improvement tasks which I hope to accomplish this year. In the past I have made my home improvement goals a bit lofty thus resulting in early discouragement and abandonment. This year I have purposely chosen tasks which can be completed with little help or money and will still have largely fulfilling results. I hope to complete this list by the end of the year.

One of my spiritual goals this year is to remain more present in my everyday life. In this highly connected and electronic age I find myself seeking escape through various games, social networking sites, message boards, and chat rooms. While I do still see a positive place for these outlets in my life, I desire to rely on them less for human contact or escape from everyday life. I hope to be able to be more present in the precious moments of my wonderful, blessed life.

I am looking forward to every moment of 2010 and I hope that my goals, as set here in this manifesto, will guide me towards a healthy, happy, harmonious, prosperous, and fulfilling year.

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Karen L. said...

I like that you don't do New Year's Resolutions but instead set goals that are achievable and are made to make you a better person all around. It's great that you are looking forward to 2010 rather than fearing it. Good for you!!!!!