Thursday, June 29, 2006

help me

I'm having a supercrap day. Things with MIL have escalated and I'm stressed out. We are probably going to go see a counselor at my church because I'm afraid to talk to her alone. I'm so torn up and depressed about this. My family is full of issues so we moved down here to be close to Curt's family. They were supposed to be different. I know my MIL has had issues with Curt's step-sister and I always was so happy she wasn't getting into it with me. Well, now she is. I hate conflict and I am sick about this. I've been crying off and on all day.

On top of it all Curtis is being so cranky today. I told him that his Mommy was stressed out but he still won't give me a break . I went and signed up at a local gym today and was hoping to get a short work out in but they won't let you work out until you've had a physical fitness assesment and training on all the equipment. I understand and I'm looking forward to it but they couldn't schedule it until Monday. So my membership starts in July. I'm excited about it but also nervous about Curtis going in the daycare. The assessment is supposed to be 45 min but I wonder if he'll last that long. If not they said they would work with me and maybe do the last half another day.

I'm going to go with three girlsfriends to get sushi and beer tonight. I honestly keep thinking I just want to get drunk. I'm so stressed and sad and disappointed etc about all this MIL stuff that I just keep thinking about drinking. I knwo that's so unhealthy, especially for a former drug addict.


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