Monday, July 03, 2006


Check out what happened to us today. We're playing and I'm getting ready for my first day at my new gym. Suddenly Curtis is screaming and crying. I didn't see him fall or hit himself or anything. I hug him and he is hugging me hard and crying hard. I smelled something so I thought maybe his diaper is dirty and bugging him. Well, TMI but, he had a hard poo half in and half out. I rubbed his belly but nothing happened and he was crying so hard. I tried putting him on the potty thinking that position would help, but nothing. Finally he ended up over my lap as if I was about to spank him. I rubbed his back but ended up just getting TP and pulling the hard poop out of him! His little bum was all red. I'm guessing he was constipated. For lunch I gave him watermelon, a slice of chicken, and graham crackers. I think I'll give him juice and an apple when he wakes. I'm trying to think of things to help his poo soften up so if you know of anything please tell me.

At the gym I did an orientation work out with a trainer for an hour. I learned a lot of the machines and how to use them. I heard Curtis cry three times from the daycare area. The lady in there was Cuban and had an accent so she was hard to understand but from what she did say I take it Curtis wanted her to hold him the whole time. She said he got jealous when she held the little 6 week old baby in there. He smells like perfume now and it bugs me. I am pleased though that I was there for an hour w/o her coming and telling me I had to take him.

Curtis now says snack. It sounds like nack. He asks for one a lot so I feel like he's hungry but then he doesn't eat. He also has a bunch of words added recently. He says tanks for thanks (proud mama here), all done, get down, in there, and more I can't remember. Recently he's gone from just describing an object with a word ("doggie") to actually expressing wants and needs ("all done").



Holly said...

Hey Tara, try prune juice, or if he'll eat it baby food prunes. Good luck! Holly

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