Friday, June 09, 2006


I tried to post this yesterday but it never worked.

Ugh...I'm having the worst morning and I need to vent.First I got to Curtis' 18 month dr appointment 20 minutes early and they took me back to the exam room right away. Then I sat in a tiny exam room with a rambunctious toddler for 20 minutes. We had about 3 tantrums before the doc came in and spent 3 minutes with us.He is still skinny but not short anymore. He was a little over average for height but way below for weight and his ears and everything else were fine.

So then we go to the Sign Language class I signed him up for and that I've been all excited about. It is at a Montessori school in a classroom that is filled with stuff. There are puzzles and shells and blocks and stuff all over. Well the teacher wants Curtis to stay on the mat and play with the sign class toys. We had probably close to 10 meltdowns and I ended up stepping outside at one point because I felt like we were taking away from the other kids learning. It is impossible for him to be in a room filled with stuff and not explore it. Each time I (or the teacher) took him away from the shelves on the walls he threw a fit. It was so frustrating and exhausting and to top it off there weren't enough take home packs and since I was the last to sign up I didn't get one until the backordered packs come in. So we can't even go over the lesson at home now.

Then I'm driving home on I-4 listening to Curtis scream in the back seat and I see a big turtle trying to cross I-4. At this point I started crying. I'm at my wits end. I came home and put him straight in front of a video so I could take a minute for peace.

I'm so upset about this class. There are only 4 kids and only one his age. She is 17 months and a girl and she pretty much was the perfect student. I feel so disappointed and I also feel like I must be doing something wrong for him to behave this way. I think it's crazy to expect him to stay away from all that other stuff in the room, but obviously the teacher and school don't. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe Curtis shouldn't throw a fit everytime I tell him he can't have something.

Now for today. The A/C repair guys got here at 8:30am and said they hope to be done by 5pm. So my DH doesn't want me to leave them here alone, which means Curtis and I are stuck here in a no A/C house all day. Ho Hum.


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