Sunday, June 18, 2006


There are some people in my life that seem to always want to make things difficult. Do you know these types of people? For some reason they try to turn everything into an argument. I have had discussions that started as harmless small talk that people like this have made an effort to try to argue with. This is so frustrating to me because I always find myself getting involved. I am going to a father's day cook out this afternoon and there will be at least one person there like this. I want nothing more than to be quiet and to not let myself get involved. Life is way to short to spend it looking for things to disagree about. I am not sure how I'm gonna do and it makes me anxious.

Mommy groups can be like this too. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you say and no matter how benign it is these people can find one thing in there to oppose. This is so exhausting to me and it becomes like a poster on the MDC boards said so well, "My mommy penis is bigger than your mommy penis." I hate this kind of crap and yet I easily let myself get angered and drawn in. I wish I was more stoic and tolerate. Today I am praying for courage, balance, tolerance, and love.


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