Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Monday

Here are my guys last week on Father's day.

Having a rough one today. My DH is at the doctor right now. If you knew him, you would know how sick he must be. He never goes to the doc so when he asked me this morning to make him an appointment I knew it must be bad. I am praying that he doesn't have strep throat because I don't want to have to quarrentine him.

I got AF this morning and feel crappy as usual. It's always the first day of AF that kills me. And if anyone can tell me why my calves hurt so much during AF I'd love to figure that out.

Curtis hit 18 months and became a handful. He can be so cool and cute but most of the time he is so stubborn and angry. His anger worries me for such a young age. If something doesn't go his way he becomes a child who hits, throws things, bites, and screams. Maybe this is normal toddler behavior but I am thinking he is a bit above normal in these ways. I'm reading a book called How to Parent Your Spirited Child or something like that so we'll see if I can learn anything that will help.


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