Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rain without Lightening

It's pretty rare that we get a rain storm that doesn't include lightening and we get a lot of afternoon showers this time of year here in Florida. So when the rain came the other day and there was no lightening and we were all feeling cooped up, we decided to just go out and get wet.

I can't believe I let my boys lay there in the puddle by the curb, but it was such a wonderfully free moment and I wasn't worried about them getting dirty at all.

I mean look at that smile! That is one happy and easy and free kid there splashing around in the rain in a puddle by the curb. This, to me, is really what the meaning of life is. The fact that I can provide the freedom for my children to experience such joy makes me feel like I am fulfilling my goal as their Mother.

There is something very grounding about being exposed to mother nature's elements. I am definitely an outdoorsy person, and my husband and sons are too, thank God. We all seem to need a daily conference with mother nature in order to remain sane in this crazy world and it is even more fulfilling when we can share that time together.

As I stood holding a giant golf umbrella watching my two boys laugh and splash and play with each other in the rain I felt more calm than I had in weeks. All of life's worries washed away and I couldn't help but smile.

So if you find yourself with your shoulders up by your ears and your teeth gritting, just go outside and have a little talk with good old mother earth. She's there for you whenever you need her, just be careful if it's lightening.

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Heat said...

love it love it love it!!!!!

we have the same problem - lots of rain with lightning, not much without. we have more without in winter, but it's too cold to go puddle splashing then.