Thursday, September 10, 2009

Felt Crayon Roll

After my decision to scale back on facebook and start sewing more, I really dropped the ball big time. I've hardly been sewing at all. I'm not really sure why, but I was in a creative funk for a short time and wasn't doing much besides chatting online with friends and flipping through magazines.

I'm not beating myself up though, we all need a little time to veg out every once and a while and as long as it's serving it's purpose I'm fine with it. Recently I got to the point where it was no longer serving any purpose so I put a little fire under myself and found a nice little project to start.

Here is the felt crayon roll I made. I was planning on giving it to a little friend who turns 3 this month but it turns out we can't make his party. I may still give it to him next time I see him, that is if Clark is willing to part with it. The good news is I bought enough supplies (with Joanne's coupons of course) to make at least one more and the second one will be better because I did make a few boo-boos this time that I now know how to avoid.

Here it is opened up with the crayons showing. I got three boxes of crayons at OfficeMax for a penny each for this project. Yes, I was the woman up at the register paying for her purchases with three pennies. Add to that the fact that I also got a $5 off coupon for Payless shoes on the receipt and I'd call that a steal!

You can't really see the boo-boos in these photos, but there are at least two things I will improve upon with the next one. First off I sewed the ribbon in upside down in my confusion. It would be cuter if the pattern was on the outside when it is tied up, but I think it still looks ok. Secondly, I was working on my floor since I still haven't been able to move into my new craft/office/guest room and the cutting wasn't exactly perfectly straight. Add to that the fact that my pinking shears are really old and struggled to make it through three layers of felt and you have an imperfect, yet cute and usable crayon roll. I'm planning to try one for pencils out of fabric for Curtis sometime in the near future....hopefully more near than far this time.

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Karen L. said...

Great gift! Great work! Giving of your time to make a special gift for someone is much more "giving" and valuable than just buying another "something". Keep that machine humming!