Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Disney World trip part II

Here's Clark on the Dumbo picture opportunity.

And here he is in Winnie the Pooh's chair.

He liked Winnie the Pooh's play area a lot. He was so cute playing inside I had to take a photo here.

I took this photo during the parade. Clark really enjoyed watching all the characters go by and he kept yelling and waving and pointing over and over.

And last but not least a little photo of Clark in front of Toon Town. He really enjoyed exploring Mickey and Minnie's houses and especially enjoyed playing in Minnie's Kitchen, which had lots of cheese in it!

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Karen L. said...

Glad he enjoyed the parade. That's such a cute and funny photo of him sitting in Winnie the Pooh's chair. Is he saying cheese as usual or is he just laughing a lot?