Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Recent Cooking/Baking

Last week I made my first lasagna. Can you believe a nice Italian (well some Italian) girl such as myself waited until she was 33 to make a lasagna? Well, I must say it turned out pretty good.

I didn't add any meat, because well I don't like the way those farmers treat those cows, so I guess it was a vegetarian lasagna. Curt didn't seem to miss the meat.

The best part was we had leftovers for lunch the next day AND I put a big piece in the freezer.

Today I decided to try this recipe again and came out with this. It's been super rainy here for days and cool too (like 60's, which is nuts for FL in May), so I figured heating up the oven wouldn't bug us too much and I would take advantage of this weather.


Heat said...

Both of them look really good!!

Karen L. said...

Wow, both the lasagna and the bread look fantastic. Wish I had been there to help eat it!!!