Saturday, May 30, 2009

CSA Class of 2009

Curtis had his graduation ceremony at the CSA this morning. He graduated from the 3 year old class to the VPK class.

Here is a photo with all the class who could be there today.

Here he is with his favorite buddies Aiden, Jordy, and Miqdad.

Here he is with Jordy and Miqdad.

And a great shot of him with his best friend Miqdad. When this school first opened he, Miqdad, and the owners daughter Emma were the only three students. They become very close and learned a lot along the way.

Here he is with the soccer ball his coach gave him as a gift in the uniform he wore for the ceremony. He is number 2.

We are excited to start a new year at VPK in August and a little scared about surviving the summer with out it!

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Karen L. said...

What a proud day! I guess you could say that Curtis is a Charter Member of the school since this was the first year for classes. I don't know how he stays so fair skinned living in FL. You must do a great job of keeping the sun screen on him. Good luck keeping busy over the summer. As the boys get older, it will get easier in a lot of ways ... at least until they want to borrow the family car!!!!! Sorry, I just couldn't resist!