Monday, May 11, 2009

Kitchen Cupboard Paint Job

Recently we used our tax money to update our kitchen a little. We decided to paint the cupboards and replace the hardware.

I forgot to take a before photo so I found this old one so you can see what they looked like. These are the original cupboards and hardware from when the house was built in 1977 and you can tell! The kitchen felt very dated and dark.

So we bought special paint and new handles and went to town. It required lots of time because with the kids we could only do a few hours at a time when they were asleep or with my MIL.

And here you can see the results! The kitchen is so much nicer now. So our next step is to use the rest of the tax money to replace the dishwasher and oven, both of which hardly work and are on their last legs. I wonder if the dishwasher is the original too and the oven we got for free from freecycle when the one in the house died and required a $300 repair job.

It's amazing the change you can get from just $100 worth of paint and hardware.


Melanie said...

Tara, what a beautiful transformation! It really does brighten the kitchen up. Amazing!

Heat said...

huge difference! that's great!!

Karen L. said...

Holy Cow, what a difference!!!! So much nicer and brighter. Bet you wish you had done this sooner. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen so with this lightening and brightening, it will be a much happier place now.

Bonello's said...