Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day Crafting

We decided to make a bird feeder to celebrate Earth Day this year. We picked up a couple pine cones when we were out in the country over Easter.

Curtis spread peanut butter on them.

Then he rolled them in bird seed.

And here is the finished product.

We celebrated a little early and made these last weekend. The one in the front yard was there for a couple days and it looked like no one had touched it. Then on Wednesday evening we noticed it was missing. The one in the back yard was missing after the first day. Then that next day we found it sitting on top of our trellis. I guess the squirrels broke the yarn we tied it up with and hid it up there.

I talked to Curtis about how we should treat the other animals on the planet with kindness and how making a bird feeder is a nice thing to do for the birds.

Here are a few fact for you.

Did you know that in our current system food travels an average of 1,500 miles from field to fork? US agriculture currently emits about 925 billion pounds of CO2 each year from crop and livestock production. Just cutting back on eating meat is one way to reduce the emissions because each cow requires a lot of corn which requires a lot of fossil fuels to produce and transport.

Packaging is responsible for emitting 24,200 tons of greenhouse gases every year. One was to help reduce these gases is to only buy products that come in bulk bins or with very minimal packaging. Over packaging is definitely a big problem in today's supermarkets.

In 2000, the global food system produced 3,8000 calories per day, which is up 800 calories from 1957. Guess we know it isn't my family raising this though since my boys eat like birds!

Please do your part to keep the earth clean. Every little bit helps.


Devon said...

What a cute, fun project! Go Curtis!

Karen L. said...

This is a good thing to be teaching your kids. If you don't, who will? If we do not take care of Earth, who will? We have to do our best to make it a better, cleaner place to live or no one will be able to live on it. We would hope that Curtis's grandchildren will have a nice place to grow up. Keep it up the teaching!