Friday, April 10, 2009

Staycation Part III

Here we see photos from the beach trip the Fisher's took just today. This set is admittedly Clark heavy, but what can I say, the boy LOVES the beach. Seriously his personality changes as soon as you step foot on the sand. We had a blast!

The boys had lots of fun making sand castles and drip castles.

I love this photo! His new nickname is Pig Pen because he could find dirt in a padded cell. Seriously, don't try to keep him clean, it's futile. Of course I know keeping kids clean at the beach is a fools task.

Another favorite of Clark. He just loves the ocean and you can tell by this photo.

Here's one of the two 'big' boys playing in the water.

And one last shot of my baby.

And Mom, if you're reading this, we promise to take you if you come visit.

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Karen L. said...

Oh yeah, I'm coming but will probably have to wait until June when school lets out. Can't wait to spend beach time with the "beach boys". So, looks like Clark takes after my side of the family, huh? We all loved and lived in the surf, sand, and sun for oh so many years. It almost hurts to look at these photos ... can't wait to be there.