Friday, April 10, 2009

Staycation Part II

Part II takes place at Rock Springs, where the water is a frigid 68 degrees year round.

But that does stop my water loving guys from going in. It hasn't even been that hot here this week, but I guess if you go to the Spring you have to get in. I stood in the water but refused to go under like my crazy husband did.

Clark is like a fish. He just loves the water.

Like a true boy Curtis had a blast finding snails on the bottom of the spring.

After all that fun we took a hike and then had a picnic. I think this last photo of me pushing the boys in the swings is pretty funny actually. We were acting goofy as you can see. It runs in the family.

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Karen L. said...

It's so great that Curtis is so involved with nature. I remember that he loved bugs when he was "very" young. Good for him! Got a good laugh at that last photo as the expressions on two of the faces are hilarious.