Friday, April 10, 2009

Staycation part I

So we are at the end of a week long 'staycation' and here I sit uploading photos while a load of beach towels goes around in the washing machine.

Curt took the week off and we originally planned to go north and visit family. Unfortunately, while Clark is handsome, he does not travel well, which he proved in a disastrous overnight trip last week to Dunedin. So we canceled our plans and took the easy/happy family route of staying home and enjoying all the fun here in Cen FL.

For part I I'll show you Seaworld!

It was very crowded, being Spring Break and all, but we got annual passes so we didn't mind too much. There were a few parts where I had to hang onto my kids for their dear lives...LOL!

The good news is my 'poor' traveler did great at the park, and even fell asleep in the stroller w/o me even trying! Here he is napping in front of the sky tower.

Curtis loves the kiddie rides they have there and also enjoys playing the carny games (especially ski ball).

All in all it was a really nice trip. The day started out kind of cold, but by noon it had warmed nicely. It was a bit of a battle with the crowds, but since we live close and can go back we didn't stress about seeing everything which made for a nice relaxed time.

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Karen L. said...

Looks like a fun day for the family except perhaps for the crowds. So if you went to Sea World where are the "sea creatures"? I remember that Curtis liked ski ball. That game always makes me think of the shore and the boardwalk as that is where we always played it. Some games are timeless! (Looks like you and I have about the same length hair now ... yours looks cute and easy to care for which a Mom of two growing boys really needs!)