Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008 - part two

Here is just a glimpse at what we did leading up to the big day.

We celebrated with my husband's family the saturday before Christmas and both boys got some cool cars from their Aunt and Uncle.

Here we are at church on Christmas Eve.

And here is Clark helping Daddy put up Christmas lights.

Seriously this boy is a daredevil like his Daddy and big brother. He wanted to climb this ladder all by himself. He can already climb up the ladder on the playyard in the backyard with just a spotter. It's enough to give a mom a heart attack.

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Karen L. said...

Whoa, looks like you have a climber there. We had one of them too. Almost ended up on the roof!!! Wonderful photo of the whole family!!! And the boys are so cute together each playing with a car. Looks like Clark is imitating his big brother.