Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My little student

That's right...we ended up putting Curtis into preschool at The Complete Soccer Academy. This is their first year doing preschool, but they have been doing clubs and after school care for two years now. There are only 4 kids in the class right now but they have room for 15 and I'm hoping at least a few more enroll since Curtis is a little social butterfly. He gets all the regular preschool stuff plus one 20 minute soccer lesson and one 20 minute yoga lesson each day. It's more than I wanted to pay but priced lower still than most of the other places around here that I checked into. I sure hope this works out and that he likes it there this whole year. We both have been making each other a little nuts lately with our boredom.



Bonello's said...

I hope it works out too. I wish Miranda and Curtis were in school together. :o(

Karen L. said...

This boy looks so much like his father in this picture that it is almost scary!!!!!