Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baking Buddy

Two weeks ago we got a kid's cookbook out of the library. Curtis has expressed a real interest in cooking and baking lately so I found the book and we flipped through it once or twice. Then one day this past week Clark was napping and Curtis and I were bored so we broke it out. There was an easy recipe for a quick dough. I had to adjust it some since I didn't have enough white flour, so I halfed the recipe and then subbed half of the flour with wheat.

Curtis had fun making faces and snakes and worms. The faces he copied from the pictures in the book but the worms and snakes were his idea. He ate a bunch of it that night, so I guess it is true that kid's really do enjoy eating food they took a part in preparing.


Karen L. said...

Do you think Curtis would like to work with his Uncle Greg the chef since Greg is not much of a baker? Wouldn't that be interesting. You never know. Curtis may not necessarily like to eat food but he sure likes to cook/bake. Mom

Anonymous said...

yep a pastry chef, after his baseball, and yes soccer careers are over. maybe second base so he and his brother can turn the double play.

Guess who.