Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy week means we need cake

Yes, it's been a crazy week.

I had some big tests on Monday including a diabetes test. It happens to be the 6th time I've taken this test, which requires fasting and hours of waiting and blood taking. The good news is I've heard nothing back and no news is good news I think.

Then we finally bought a new car on Wednesday night, keeping us out very late and putting us all in bed way past our bedtimes. I'm really happy with the car and I'll get a picture and post about it sometime soon.

Then of course there was the sadness of Sept 11th on top of me hosting a play date at my house, which both made me a little anxious. On that day Clark happened to turn 10 months old too and that made me a little sad to think of how fast he is growing up right before my eyes. I'll take a picture this weekend so we can mark the occasion.

So I guess it's not too much of a surprise that we were all burnt out by last night and ended up waking up to colds. Clark has been snotty since Thursday and now we are all following in his footsteps. I can only hope that it's a quick little bug that our strong immune systems will bust out in 24 hours tops.

So earlier this week we tested out our new pumpkin cake pan. Curtis really loves Halloween (and cake). It is clearly his favorite holiday, although I'm sure Christmas will soon win out once he understands it fully. He just loves to read books about halloween and talk about it and check out the bats in the sky at night etc etc. I got this cake pan at Ross for cheap and we tested it out with a simple chocolate cake recipe that I glazed with a simple powdered sugar glaze. We didn't want to frost it since then the features wouldn't come through clearly. We only ate half before we got burnt out on it and gave a big chunk to my FIL who is always happy to sample my home baked sweets.

Here is Curtis helping with the mixer. He is a surprisingly great egg cracker.

Of course we had to test the batter.

And here is the finally product.


Heat said...

You always post such good-looking food! We need to live closer together so I can get in on the baking!

I think it's fabulous that Curtis likes to help, too. Love a man who can cook!

Bonello's said...

That cake looks MMM MMM good!!!
I hope you all feel better really soon.